I would have never felt life
If I haven't fallen in Love with You,
Now for I'm Lonely
I Blame You

What should I do about the dreams
That I dreamt for You
..... Dreamt only about You!
What should I do about the feelings
That I felt for You
..... Felt only for You!

I feel defeated when you are not with me
All feelings seems to be Lost,
My dreams are now empty
Feeling Lonely.....ALL ALONE!

I don't know what My Life will be
When You'll not be with Me,
I don't wanna be in Love if its not YOU!

I'm still lost in your dreams
Hoping one day you`ll be mine,
I want you, only you! that's what everyday my heart screams
And now without you my life is like living against time

Why can't I Love anyone else???
Except You!!!
No! You don't belong to me
I think, I lied to me
That one day you'll be mine

What is My Life Living without You ???
Its nothing...
But to live alone
Is only what I'm having...!!!

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