Baby come closer,
Enter in My Soul ,
And take me all over…
Tonight, I don’t wanna be lonely,
You are there in my heart,
And wanna Love You only…

Baby come closely,
Hug me,
Feel me,
Hold me tightly,
& Make me to fall in love with you solely…

Tonight, I’ll make you to lose control,
Will make you to fall for me one more time,
Having all love flourished in your heart,
I’ll make You all Mine…

This is the moment `em waiting for,
To spend this night with you,
Let this sky fall down,
& Let all our dreams come true…

Don’t make it in a hurry,
Let Our Love ignite us slowly.
Even when this night seems not enough
For us to make our love,
I’ll pray God to halt this time
& fill your heart with my love to make you all mine.

We’ll never know if we meet like this again, Ever,
So, I don’t wanna forget this night… Never !!!
Let me remember this night,
& Fill my eyes by all your sight…

I don’t wanna this night just let go,
I wanna all our love let glow,
But make it slow,
& Let this Night know,
That I’ll Love You through all time,
`Em Yours & You`r All Mine !!!

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