End Yourself

Don't think about those who take you as granted
It was your mistake as you framed yourself for them to do so
Don't think about those who disrespects you
You gave them opportunity to do so
Think about those whose life would be blue without you
'Cause they are the person who really cares for you

Don't be disappointed & isolated
Don't feel disrespected & downhearted
You are the one 'Angel' that I'm gifted
I'm there for you to evacuate

I'll give you all my support
To fight all your misery with all the efforts
When way to be free seems to be short
I'll be always there for you to escort

Don't be insane!
Tell me what happen!
Don't feel you are alone & broken
Let me know all your odds
And I'll make it even

The pain which you suffer
Makes my soul to shiver
I'll make all your grief's disappear
Whenever you are tensed
Never pretend as your life is over
'Cause I'm still there with you, I'm alive
Just come running in my arms whenever

Don't feel you're alone
Don't feel you're lost
I'm there for you till last

When I look into your eyes
Its a beautiful world where I want to spend my life
I cant see the tears of pain flowing down
When you feel yourself lost & hard to be found
Don't feel drowned and just look around
I'll be there with you always to heal your wounds

Confront your problems
Don't feel you are the only one who is dealing with
You will find a way to go through as long as you're strong
It may seem this problems will shatter you, but its just a myth

Don't search a place to hide
Don't run away from me
'Cause you are my only pride
Share with me all your sorrow
Cry it for today, & I want to see you smile tomorrow

When you cried, I cried!
When you felt to kill yourself, I died!

Don't let your mind to control you
It will be hard for you to come back as yourself again
Trust yourself everytime when you feel every pain
It will help to gain all strength
And one day all sickness will drain

Sometimes life will go wrong as it has to go wrong
'Cause that's the time we will know ourselves how much we stand strong
Every bad time comes to make us realize how easily we can move on
Sooner or later we fight every misery headstrong
And one day you will wake up & smile & realize the pain I felt was yearlong

We share the same taste of tears
I feel your every struggle that you cannot bear
But when I'm near, don't have any fear
I'll be your saviour
I'll pull you out from disaster

No matter how hard is life
Just remember me and give a smile
I'm here to take care of all your worries
You just give your best and live your life

Don't just feel yourself down
Don't run far away so hard to be found
Feel the strength of my arms
I'll stand with you as strong as stone

Its your life
Don't end it for some silly shit reason
Once you die you wont get a chance to regret

Your life is not just yours
Its mine too
Don't think to end yourself
'Cause it will end my life too...

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