We use to remember each other,
But we haven't talking since long time,
Now you dont bother,
To say 'hi' when you are online.
You watch me in your friend list,
But just ignore me as if I dont exist.
There were days when we cant stay without talking,
Now when we are standing against each other,
You pretend as if we are stranger,
& You keep on walking.
I've grasped my eye on my phone,
& Waiting for your call,
Anyways, now 'em lone,
& Watching the clock tik-tok hanging on the wall.
This now empty feelings inside of me has lost faith,
Even if we try to reconcile, the feelings wont be like earlier, I bet.
Everything between us is now became a mystery,
No wonder now we hardly talk with all the same chemistry.
Now everything has changed, also I've lost all the trust,
Time now cant heel the friendship that has got all the rust.
To have a talk with you again,
I feel of no use,
You dont feel me as your friend,
You gave me a silent reply.
Friendship between us is now only for namesake,
All the talk, we talk is all bloody damn fake.
How the hell this bloody thing happen,
The aura between us, dosnt feel like heaven.
Gimme one reason for what went wrong,
Was that your ego that grew or My caring wasn't that strong.
As the days passess, its not easy as it seems,
This is the worst nightmare I wont ever dream.
But still, For us again to be friend together,
I'll be waiting,
My heart telling me we'll care again for each other,
I hope we will be friend,
& No matter till our life ends.

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