Gift Of Betrayal

Woke up like everyday
Loved you more than yesterday,
Felt about you so I messaged
'Good morning, Love you my babe..'

Was listening to new love song
Thought to sing up surprisingly for you,
But the time when I called
You had different thought I didn't knew
"I don't wanna talk with you anymore,
I'm just breaking up with you!"

Flooded with emotions
Don't know what to do
Can't figure out with this pain
How can I get through?
Suddenly my bedroom
Turned out to be my crying room

I don't think I would love someone again
Won't be having any heart to deal with the pain,
I trusted you even when earlier I was betrayed like same
Even you ended this relationship same, like a game

You once said,
'I'd love you even when you are imperfect'
But I guess you didn't meant it correct
I was broke, when you spelled my full name like a stranger
How the hell you forgot the way you use to say my sweet name like a lover
I didn't expect, you would do this to me ever
And with this pain, I don't know how would I recover

I don't know how people live
When the only person they love, just leave
Atleast you could drop me by some manual
"How to survive alone without love..!"
'Cause I loved you, and you thought to leave me just as casual

Never dreamt my single moment of life without you
It's gonna be difficult for me to handle
It's ironic, you felt all the feelings of animals
But I cried, I spoke, begged for you
It remain un-understandable

It's hard for me to picture
You would be holding some other guy's hand
And walking the same street where we walked & came closer
Your one touch was like a sip of some liquor
But for you now it got faded, for sure
I need to scream, I need to cry, trying to live, but need to die
My heart & mind is just some kind of mixture

My broken pieces you brought it back
Made me alive & made me to love you
But now the hell you only made my heart wrack
Left me alone to be maniac
And to dream about my love life,
It's just pitch black

We promised each other
We will walk the lovelife destination
Together... Forever...
Even at our darkest times,
We will stay stronger
Together... Forever...

You forgot,
I loved you through all my heart
Was with you whenever you needed me
Woke up even at mid-night whenever you called me
Left all my concerns behind
'Cause I knew, you wanted some of my time
Suddenly with one fight, how you got so numb
Just gave a call to goodbye, and said,
"Now to give up, the time has come..!"

I fought for myself to be in your priority
But I guess I never was, I didn't knew the reality
Whenever we fought, you always had a pattern
Saying, 'I'll end the relationship' you always threaten
Even with your careless-ness, I saw your tenderness
And for me, you were only My Chosen

I loved you like a small baby
Wiped your tears and made you smile,
But you thought to leave me for no reason
Even after we have walked together on love path 1000 miles

It would be hard for me to accept your this decision
I loved you like you are my only woman
But just for one fucking silly fight
Your feelings changed liked 3 months of season
And throwed me out of your life, to live rest of my life in prison

Neither I slept with any other girl
Nor anyhow I betrayed
I saw your dark sides and imperfections
But I still loved you more & stayed
So how come just because I'm not perfect
Your feelings got decayed?

You have set yourself free
But now it's difficult for me,
To trust someone again the same
And give the all of me

I hope, after breaking me
You've fixed yourself & you are at ease,
And by you, with this betrayal gifted to me
May my soul 'Rest In Piece'...

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