How can you leave me alone

How can you leave me alone?
You know I love you & without you my life is gone!

You know I loved you right
Its you 'Angel' I cant keep you out of my sight
When you're gone, its the killing feeling that I cant fight
Your absence will lead to 'violent me' that I can never hide
Baby don't leave me, just give it a try
Do you want me to cry and later die?
What's the reason you are leaving me? Why?
I cant see you walking away from me & saying 'goodbye'

With you, I can be alive
With you, I can breathe my life
With you, I can rise and shine
With you, I can live my life even if its against time
Convince me, without you how my life can be defined?
If you are not mine, then for me now its my death time!

Without you, I'm defeated
Without you, I'll rise to hatred

You're my lifeline, you're my sunshine
I cant think of myself if you're not mine
You've now left me alone
It has turned my life to dark side
Realize, you moving away from me, isn't this a homicide?
You left no other choice for me but to have a taste of a cyanide!

I'm void without you
I cant read my mind
You're gone & I'm numb
I cant see the happiness in front of me
It seems I'm blind

I'll break the mirror
I cant see at myself when you're not nearer
For me its complete torture

Love me
Hate me
Kiss me
Tease me
Abuse me
Seduce me
But don't ever
Hurt me
Betray me
Leave me

One day I'll find one such place
Where I'll sit and cry all day long
Will drain all the emotions I'd for you
To kill the every feeling I'd for you
Hitting my heart so hard
Breaking up the emotions that's growing up for you

I have nothing more to loose
'Cause the only love I'd has gone
I thought I was strong
I thought I can take any pain all along
But I was wrong
I cant take the pain when you're gone

You left a scar in my soul
Your absence has made a hole
I've forgotten once I was human
Its a evil rising so strong I cant control
Without you, I cant say my life will ever breathe as a whole

Why did you walked away when I wanted you to stay?
Playing with my heart isn't a child's play!
Recklessly now you walking away
This sign is nothing different but similar to betray
You showed me the true meaning of love & reason to live life again
'Cause of you now I'm breathing, and after tying a knot with my life
You are thinking of leaving?
And want to give me pain?

Now my heart is broken
Who will make my odds even?
This Pain is undescribeable
From now on I'll learn not to love someone
I'll learn not to trust truly anyone

If I'm doing anything wrong, give me punishment
But not to leave me forever and give me death sentence

I want her
My mind screams
I want her
My heart cries
If you are with me
There is nothing more I want from life

With whom should I share my happiness & sorrow
All my pride has lost within a flash
The feeling of you being away has turned me to ash

My eyes are dried up
But my heart still cries for you
And still I Love You...!!!

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