If I wont be there

After my death
You'll come to know my love's depth,
Towards my love you are just heartless
How more hard as it can get?
So tonight I'm gonna count my last breathe

My heart beating for me
Seems to be curse,
'Cause my pain, my feeling, my desire for you
You never heard,
But I give you my word
If you ever missed me
I'll be there for you

Was it worth?
You waited for a guy for years?
He never felt your heart
And you got nothing but more than tears

You're not there, my life seems to be unfair
I got nothing but eyes just wet with tears
About every pain my mind is making me aware
It rouses me to end myself with no care

But to kill myself
I'm afraid to
What if someday you walk to my door
And say 'I Love You?'
If I wont be there
You'll be alone again
That feeling will be similar to death
I don't want that to happen if someday it has to happen,
I don't wanna be the reason
Who made your dreams all broken

I'll suffer all my life without you
I'll try to live even if its lie without you
But if someday you feel you want me
I don't want you to suffer your life without me

I don't want to loose the love of my life I ever wanted
If someday you feel my love for you
Its you 'Angel' that I would be gifted

Girl! what if in this world you want me so bad
But if I wont be there
For all those feelings that you want to share?
You'll curse yourself more then you loved
I don't ever want you to face that agony
And hate yourself asking that question
"Is this what I deserved?"

I'll wait my entire life for you
Hoping someday you'll feel me,
Even if my life is scorching me
My heart tells me not to loose faith
And whispers "She will be your's one day!"

You are the 'Angel' from heaven
You need a perfect guy to be own,
I know I'm the best for you
But for you my love is still unknown,
I'm waiting for the day when you'll open up your heart
And let me walk into in

If you want to love somebody
I am there for you,
If you feel a need for me
I'll be there for you forever,
And I wont let you down Babe!

I'll always cheat my heart
Whenever it feels to kill myself,
I don't want you to be sad to death
And feel to kill yourself,
My soul cant see those pain
Dripping down your eyes,
Without you my life is vain
I'll live it even if I have to live in disguise

When you truly want me
And you wonder I'm not there, I'm dead!
To give you that pain I wont ever dare,
I'll push my life hard to live on
Even if my life without you is nightmare,
But I promise, if you wish truly for me someday
I swear, I will be there!

I'm sorry, forgive me for this life
As I met you quite late,
Before you got committed in love with another guy
Who didnt felt your worth and made you hate,
You cant feel my desire for you,
But I promise after next life
I'll make all my promises true,
I'll be the only one you'll love
And you'll be the only girl I'll ever love
Till then my lovelife is on due.

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