It's Over (Staircase-2)

The steps I walk on
Its killing,
I want to start again
This feeling,
I'm on the same staircase
I'm waiting,
Want to start again the same love
Which was ending!

You were so blinded
You left me here
For him,
Who never cared when you were the only one
For him

All that started between us
Was unknown,
I wished to give our relationship a name
And to the world make it known

I wished! you waited for a minute here
To tell you my feelings when you were near,
I waited for a perfect moment to tell you all this
But my love for you remained just as a wish,
My moment, I fear it never came
And still I was unable to give my feeling any name

Seems his love for you was getting mild
As he was too busy to adore some other girl's smile
& to your feelings he was just too blind,
Still keeping all this behind
You felt this shit to carry on

Even though our relation was wrong
I wanted it to go on & on,
You made me to believe
In love once again
And gave me some kind of relief

To protect your own guilt
You destroyed the relationship
That I was trying to build,
You were greedy to protect your own conscience
And you acted numb
For all my love actions

Reminiscing here
Standing across the corner of the road,
Where you walked with me hand in hand
This time, you dint thought for your moral, your code,
And thinking as if you doing something wrong
You left me alone to explode

Loosing all my strength
With all this rising pain,
I'm walking on this same staircase
Alone again!

On the same staircase
I walk like a day dreamer,
I stare those walls & dream to see you nearer
I dream about you just to feel you more closer,
I wish you be there with me, forever
But my destiny is to walk on these steps
And move on, like its over

It's over!
It's hard for me now to say itís over,
I should pretend as if it started never
'Cause when I realize that you are still with him
To accept this shit is just a disaster,
You came for a while
And left pain forever.

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