I'll Be There

I know the feeling of being left alone
I know the feeling of being betrayed
I know the feeling of being heart broken
By the person whom you love

I dont want to see you cry
I want to love you
And want to let you know
That I'm here for you always
Even when your shadow will leave you alone
But I wont!

He never felt your worth
You loved him and you still love him
It makes my heart to bleed

I'll pray for your happiness
Even if you forget me
I'll kill your loneliness
Whenever you want me

My heart, I cant replace it with anyone
I want you to feel it once
Close your eyes and dream about me sometime
I'll be there in front of you whenever you'll smile

Baby dont be sad
I'm not that bad
You can give it a try
Dont ask why?
I just love you and want to make you happy

Dont feel forgotten
Dont let your heart to be adandoned
Feel my heart to its bottom
Dont assume the end has come
Dont pretend yourself that you are alone
I'll always be there to kill your lonesome

Every second of living life is like a war
You cant take it anymore
You're kneel down crying on floor
Its all wet, you are upset
To cut your vein with that knife
And to kill yourself your mind is set
But baby, have faith in me
I'll let you live your life back again with smile
Look it in my eyes
And make it feel you are alive

He gave you the wounds you feel no one can heal
You are living life against your will
I can feel your pain for real
Hold my hand come with me
I'll set you free
Towards your new dawn, I'll reveal

The time for you now to be alone is over
The time for you now to cry is over
The time for you to suffer is over
'Cause I'm here to take care of you all over

If you hearing me feel my cry
Hug me now
Hold me this one last time
This moment is enough for me to make you all mine

I want you to know,
The best part of you is 'You'
Dont let this goodness just let go
I will be there with you forever
No matter how far time will flow.

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