I'll Miss You

I loved you like anything
But you dint noticed it
If you noticed it
You dint bothered to know it
If you knew it
You dint thought to feel it

I see you quietly silently from a distance
Hoping you will see me
Hoping you'll gimme a smile
Hoping you will come forward & talk to me
But I think 'You're shy to talk to me on your own'
My feelings tell me to talk to you
So, I call you
I sms you!
But you never replied...!
I tried to express you my feelings everytime
I love you and I want to make you mine
But you just smiled and said
'I know about that, its fine!'

Dying... I'm dying!
Just to make you mine my love
I'll wait for you till my last breathe
Anybody tell her!
How much I love her!
Just gimme one chance
To make you mine
I wanna only you in my life to make it shine

I love you more then words
Feel me!
I wanna hold your hand
Hold me!
And take you to my world
Where you are my only dream
You are my only life!

I close my eyes to feel you
You disappear!
I open my eyes to see you
You are not near!
Its so hard to forget someone
Who gave you so much to remember

I'll stand alone at the place
Where we use to met,
I will keep my eye on phone
Waiting for your call,
I'll be waiting all night long
If you'll message,
I'll stay online
Waiting for you'll be someday,
But one day I know
Its not going to happen
We will never meet
We will not be in contact with each other anymore
That time there will be only one hidden truth
That 'I'll Miss You!!!'

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