Just Stay Close

The warmth of your hug
The wet of your kiss,
The goosebumps by your stare
Everyday I just wish

Tonight I'm not in the mood of talking
But wish to lay down beside you
And adore you by little bit of cuddling

The seduction by your fingering
Has raised my temptation,
Just stay close to me
As now you've became my obsession

Tonight I don't wanna smooch you
But just wanna kiss,
Every feeling wanna make it slow
So that this moments I may not miss

Tonight I don't want to squeeze you tightly
But wanna hug you & hold you softly,
Just to wrap my hands around your body
And to lie around you quietly
No words to speak, & let the time flow silently

Did you heard?
What my heart whispers?
It wants you to be with me

I strive for you
I strive for your love
I scare to live without you

Feelings that I share with you
Dreams may be big enough that I dream for you,
But you're the one I love
I'm gonna make it true, for you

Tonight I don't wanna have sex
Neither I wanna caress,
Just want to feel you close
And feel that I'm blessed

Just stay close to me
Be my near,
And make me assure
'To loose you', I have no need to fear

Just be my near
Distance I just canít bear,
I want you in my dreams
'Cause living without you single moment
Seems itís just not happening

I hear your heart beat
And you hear mine,
Just stay close to me
And letís just pass this time

Pleasure to feel your body close to mine
Rushes the chills out of my spine,
Watching you close to me lying
It makes me feel I'm on cloud nine

I want to feel I'm fortunate
When I'm lying in your arms,
I want to feel I'm special
When you're just close to me

You're the dream, that I dream daily
I want to love you endlessly,
Stay with me tonight closely
Just to make sure I've owned you lovingly

Tonight I donít wanna be wild
But to love you as if you're my child,
Tonight I donít wanna be erotic
Want to express you my love being more romantic

You're my lady
You're my sweetie,
Tonight just stay close to me
And be my baby.

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