Kill Myself

I'm going to kill myself one day
'Cause I cant see you with any other guy
But still I love you
And my heart still beats for you

Can someone please hand over me gun
'Cause seeing my love hand in hand
With another guy isn't fun
My heart feels the burn
Like the heat got in the sun
I'm feeling to scream away and run
Reasons to live life with smile again, they are none
And I'm mourn!!!

The evil inside me is poping out
The evil inside me is shouting out
Feeling to make a clone of myself
And hit myself as hard as I can
'Cause I cant see my girl with him
Damn! Its killing!!! Its grim!!

Its massacre!
Every feeling of mine she is aware
But still she doesn't care
She knows that's the pain I cant bear
But still she hugs him
And from long distance I just stare
And I feel nothing but despair
I'm praying God to kill all this feeling
But to fight with this pain I can't prepare
And one day I'm gonna kill myself, I swear!

I miss you girl, I want you to be with me
I never want to be alone
'Cause I never dreamt to be
Kill my lonliness and make me free

When you are not with me
Its the sour feeling I cant fight
If you wont be with me
Its my last sucide note I'm gonna write
Without you I cant think to be right
So respond me girl, else I'm gonna kill myself tonight

I love you gal solely
Without you I feel so lonely
You ignoring my emotions recklesly
I see you walking hand in hand with him is killing me slowly
It has made me hollow from inside completely
You can see my eyes getting wet, still you hold his hand tightly
You lend your head to his shoulder in front of me fearlessly
You'd made me to live my life forcefully
And so one day I'm gonna kill myself for surely

You'll come to know the pain that I'm going through
When one day you'll also walk in my shoes
Without you, I'm living in a lonely world
Come to me baby, why are you away from me girl?

One day you'll come to know my pain
When you'll hear me cry
But it not only made me cried
That feeling was enough to make me die

I wasnt meant to be alive without you
I wasnt meant to be alive to suffer this pain
You not loving me, you not with me, whom should I blame?
The feeling of hating myself is rising like a flame
It seems I'm not worth for you
You dont deserve me at all
Having known you all feelings of me
Tonight my eyes gonna rainfall

One day will you come to see me?
Feel the pain of my tears
And spent just one day
Before I die!

At the end, all you can do is
Pray God after I kill myself,
After my death
You no need to be worry
You no need to be guilty
You wont feel any burden to carry
'Cause there wont be any guy mad for you now

All at the end I just want you to be happy
No matter even if the guy you are with is not me.

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