I feel Love when its You
To make You all mine
...I try
You've someone else in your mind
...I cry
As the time passes my feelings get stronger for You
I cant think of anyone else...
Look what have you done to me
`Em in Love...
`Em not meant to be alive without You
Its Love,
I've known the meaning of life
When I've fallen in Love with You
I wish it was `Me`
The guy You've fallen in Love with
I wish it was all that easy
For You to be in `My Life`
& For me to be in `Your Life`
I wish it would have been that easy
For You to understand `My Feelings`
...that are buried inside my heart
& just waiting for one moment
Just to say `I Love You`...
I hope Love will find a way...
`Em just trapped inside a Lonely world of Me
Waiting for You to come,
And to break up all the Solitude inside of Me...
Now the days are just Lonely,
And waiting for You to `Hold me`
& Take Me with You....."Forever"...!!!!

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