Love at First Sight

What if I told you
I've seen you just once,
Lost my heart to you & to forget you
Reasons are none

I don't know you
Still can't get you out of my mind,
You may not even notice me
But it seems my soul with you has got twined

You may think I'm crazy
But trust me I'm falling for you baby,
I want to leave my dark life behind
Want to hug you forever & let time unwind

You may think I've lost my mind
But, I need you to help me forget my bad times,
I'm in need who can hug me lovingly
Set my lovelife right & stay forever blissfully

Looking at you makes my eyes shine
Wanna talk to you, my heart starts to make a climb,
Yet in fear I'm unable to walk towards you 'even this time'
As if the path is loaded with land mines

Maybe I can cross paths with mines in one flow
What I fear is, what if you say 'No'?
How can I find love again? I don't know!
Though, I'll remember you like an afterglow

For you, I may be just some another guy in crowd
You unaware, having you in my life I'll be proud,
Seeing you in front of me, my heart is having a meltdown
Whereas in my dream, I'm proposing you kneel down

I was never fortunate to have true love
May be you can help me with that,
I feel you will give me the love I deserve
You are unaware with the fact!

My heart skips a beat
when you accidentally have an eye contact,
There's a flood of emotions I'm holding on
Cold feet! I'm just unable to react

I feel like I'm under your arrest
Your presence & absence has started to make an effect,
I'm eveready to have you even with your flaws
You're not yet in my life & I'm already feeling the loss

My heart is dead being betrayed
Yet to fall in love again I'm not afraid
Feelings are now back to life which were decayed
Hope my lovelife will be worth it even if its delayed

In this entire world
I got my eyes only on you girl,
May be my heart can take this one last chance
My spine gets the chills everytime having your glance
Flowing in my dreams I'm lost with you in trance

It's true
I've fallen in love with you at first sight,
Irresistibly I've started to dream about you
No matter whether it's day or night

I want to kiss you like a lover
I wish to do this on forever
Life with you seems better
This dream to be true is next to never
I've to wake up to suffer
Life without you I just have to wonder

Feelings for you are rising to infinite
Trying not to feel about you
My heart & mind are in a never ending fight
Baby, life without you would be just blue

A kiss to your forehead
A kiss to your cheek
A love of lifetime from you
That's what I need

We don't know each other
Yet I started to imagine my life with you,
I love you
Will you love me too?

Not sure if you can notice me any day
I'm ready to live my entire life with you anyway,
Not sure if you'll ever be mine
Or do you've someone else in your life?

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