As I'm strongly binded to you
I cant live without you,
I cannot set free
And so you have got only two right things to do,
Either love and live with me
Or better kill me!

I cant live with your absence
Wanna be alive and live only in your presence,
Just gimme one chance
I want to enjoy the feeling of romance

My heart is beating for you
Can you feel me?
Feelings buried inside me are lot
Will open up only for you
Will you be with me?

Your eyes is my dreamworld
Wanna fall deep in love with you
And share my every feeling without saying any words,
Your lips got honeydew
Kissing them everytime feels something new,
You are my one & only 'Angel'
To spend my lovelife, its only you

Your sweat is like sweet wine
Can I be in your arms forever
So that I can feel my life?
Seeing you smile
Everytime a chill spills out of my spine,
There is just one feeling, to make you mine
As my lovelife with you is perfectly defined

Your one touch is heaven
For me to spend my lovelife
You're the only one,
Because of you my new life has begun
You came in my life only for one reason
To teach me all the love lessons,
I cant let you go so easily
Without you, I'll die in lonesome

You are my Goddess of Love
With the spirit of 'Rich Angel'
In my soul that flows,
Without you my heaven is hell
& that God also knows

Whenever I dream about you baby
My heart spills a sweet smile on my face,
I want to hug you tight & embrace,
If I happen to fulfill my lovelife with you
I got no other word to say, but I'm 'fortunate'!

Everyday, every night
I cry with one dream in my eyes,
Just to be with you & spend my lovelife!
I love you, you know
I want you, I'm telling it now

If you are with me
I'll like to loose
If you are not with me
To win, I cant ever choose

I'll wait one more life
Just to see you
Just to meet you
Just to talk with you
Just to say 'hi' to you
There is is so much to tell you,
I'll wait one more life
Just to get down on my knees & propose you
"I Love You!"
And spend the rest of my lovelife with you.

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