One Day He'll

Hey hi, how are you?
It has been a long time since we are talking
Do you remember the last time when we met
And I hold your hand while walking?
But it seems now you are busy with your guy
Cant feel my heart for you that's craving
And see my desire that's exploring

I heard you moved on with your earlier guy
But dont worry about me, I'll be fine
My life will be great after I'll have suicide

But the time when that guy dint felt your worth
He left you all alone and he broke your heart
You were about to end yourself
But that was the time when I felt the lovable heart in you
That was the time when you made me to fall in love with you

I saw your adorable face
I felt your love going to waste
He made you to live your life in total disgrace
You'd your memories with him that you cannot erase
But I dint wanted you to get embaress
Everytime when I tried to please you
Unexpectedly you entered into my heart & made a space
I started loving you, and finally I got a girl in my life that I cannot replace
And I felt, I was the only guy for you that you can embrace

I wanted to help you in all possible way
But I never wanted you to get back to him, that's the one truth I'd say
'Cause I loved you and this was some kind of greed
I wanted you, 'You' is what all I need

Dont feel of having any remorse
Dont feel your life is getting worse
Your bad time I'll adverse
Share the love with me what you having
Dont keep it as reserved

Slowly and gradually I came to know gently
You started to think and dream about me lately
I also started to write words in rhyme
But whenever love crossed your mind
It made you to dream about that guy everytime

It seems my love wasnt enough for you to love me
Every second of my life was getting harder
Even though you saw me smiling
There were always some pain inside that I was hiding
And that pain I never let it appear
'Cause no matter how hard I try
No matter how hard I cry
You wont love me, never!!!

You loved him always
Even though everytime he squandered your love
You never felt my passion for you
Even though everytime I acted as turtledove

When you shared your sorrows, I acted as a good listener
When the pain came through your eyes, I wiped your tears
When you felt alone, I hugged you whenever you were near
But you wont love me, at the end that's what I'd fear!

You loved him even though he acted as a heartbreaker
You dreamt about him always even though he acted as a backstabber
But even though I loved you right and showed true love flavours
You still loved him always, and that's what made me jealous

Why cant you feel the love for you that I'm having?
Your ignorance for my love makes me dying!
It appears you loved the pain that he gave to you
That's why you also made me suffered even though my love for you was true
And with that pain you also made me to go through

But time can be unfortunate, One Day!
He'll act cruel and one day he will give you pain
He'll make you feel betrayed
You'll be mistreated by him once again
One day he'll be heartless
Regardless of your sentiments
He'll lead you towards darkness
Even if you love him, he'll turn mean
He wont sense your heart that pleads
That time you'll recognize the gravity of my emotions
That time you'll feel my heart was always filled with love like an ocean
That time you'll regret when I was the guy for you only chosen
But it may be too late to doubt about the trust you believed
You believed in deceiver & he made you to cry in grief

But !!!
He can be the most fortunate guy on this earth
'Cause he'd been always loved by an 'Angel' like you
But he never felt your worth
That's the difference between 'Me and Him' You'll never knew.

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