One More Time

Dim the light,
Hold me in Your arms,
Play a soft music,
Dance with me one more time.
I wanna live one more life tonight.
Kiss me,
Hug me,
Feel me,
Seduce me,
Wanna feel alive one more time.
Make me feel You are the only one for me tonight.
Skip my heartbeat one more time,
Make me feel you are all mine.
Wanna kiss on your neck gently,
Wanna hug you tightly,
Wanna feel your warmth,
Wanna feel your soul,
Wanna steal you from yourself,
`Em all yours,
And wanna make you all mine...
Break yourself in my soul baby,
Make this night wonderful tonight,
Gimme life one more time,
Wanna be In Love...
You are THE ONE in my soul making My Heart to Beat,
Making me to Breathe,
Making Me Feel `em Alive,
I`ll Love You all this Night.
I wont Let You Go,
Dont keep any Words,
Dont keep any Feelings,
Lighten up my soul,
Look in my eyes,
Gimme a smile,
I wanna fall in Love again tonight,
Love me baby this one more time.

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