Rich Angel

Love is my dream & you're my Rich Angel
I want only your voice to hear,
I want only your face to glance all the time
I wanna only your presence to feel all the time,
I'm just standing here for you waiting
I'm just waitng one day for you to be mine

I want to spend with you life of heaven
You're the angel I love & I don't know the reason,
Without you I don't know what my life would become
Your absence will make me just lonesome,
And if you are not there in my life
I wont have any other choice but to have poison!

With you, I learn to live
With you, I learn to forgive,
With you, my life has meaning
Without you, it seems all fading!

Come sooner or later
I'll be waitng down for you here,
My wet eyes is waiting for you to be near
Can't live life that is now here

I'm hearing your name in the echos of my dreams,
Be my angel
Save me tonight,
Be my angel
Make all wrong things right

When you are near
There is always some kind of mystery
My heart tries to unbind,
This universe wont have other angel like you
Its just impossible to find

All the heaven knows that I love you
I cant live without you & that's true,
It wont be easy for me to love anyone else
It wont be easy for me to forget you,
It wont be easy for me a live alone
But it would be easy for me to die....for you!

You struck my heart
Like the sweet angels did in stories,
You have the spirit of love
Like the angels have in love diaries,
Presence of yours has that glory
Your one smile ignites desires
And vanishes all my worries,
And with every beating of your heart
My love life carries

When my eyes fell on you,
You gave rise to a new lover for you
Who's feelings are immortal,
Everytime when I feel you
Desires are not at all normal,
Closeness of yours gives my soul that sparkle
Makes me realize, getting away from you would be simply fatal,
Every day my heart strives for you my Rich Angel

One hug with you
My soul gives a great sigh of relief,
My world still have the presence of an angel
My heart has the belief

I love you, you're my sweet heart baby
Don't deny me, and leave me to crazy,
If you are with me
I don't want any other heaven to live in,
You are my perfect girl
With the spirit of Rich Angel

What is the magic of you
So strong, so pleasent,
That I cant stop myself
From loving you,
That I cant stop myself
Thinking about you,
You are only there in my dream
You are only there in my soul
You are only there in my heart,
I just wanna live with you
& I can't stay apart

I don't know if life is playing with me or I'm playing with my life
But if this time I get hurt I'm sure I'll cut my throat with sharp knife,
Be with me and let those bitter feelings die
Please, don't say goodbye!

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