Tonight we shall work it out with our best
Let me admit it that I wanna have sex,
My feelings are not kind of disrespect
‘Cause you are my priceless Princess,
You’ll come to know my love’s depth
When tonight my every feeling for you I’ll express

Wrap your hands lovingly on me
Don’t let me go till the dawn,
I will make all your emotions unfold
And allow our love to go on and on

I’ll take care of all your feelings
Give you pleasure without any fault,
But you don’t make a stop
Just shower all your desire on me without any halt,
Don’t waste time, as we are on this job
Hop yourself on me tonight
And wanna give you a love making stroke

Stare at your face
Touch you to at the right place
Let our heart beat raise with pace,
Sex with you, with faith
You’re My Angel that I cannot replace,
Drop yourself in me
Hug me tight and embrace,
Emotions in my heart I want to confess
Baby tonight I wanna have sex

Walk towards me undressed
Wanna smooch your lips
While I fondle your chest,
A lick to your neck
And a kiss to your waist,
You got full right
To seduce me at your best,
And infinitely let our love glow
I wanna see us as progressed

Bed filled with petals of red roses
Can be our workplace,
Where we can lay our body lovingly to rest
So that I can squeeze your body perfect
And we will have sex all night with no stress

Loving your body is a blessing
Crawl on me desperately
I wanna enjoy seeing you blushing
The time when I start you teasing & caressing

My heart is in under your arrest
You are my sweet heart baby
Believe me when I say ‘I love you to maddest’
I feel myself luckiest
When I love a girl like you so prettiest

You amaze me when you pose your body with curve
I get the stronger feeling to have sex
With no rush, seduce me like I deserve,
Match our sex drive
And overcome this night with lust

I always waited for a girl like you,
While having great shape
She is also sensually seductive,
Don’t stop me, I wont do it wrong
I want to end this night
By making ourselves as one

One sip of wine
Lightens up your lip with shine,
Let our urge crosses all the line
Baby, you are just working fine,
God has shaped you right with perfect design
And wasting no time
Let it go on till I make you all mine

Align your body on me
You too want to have sex, give me a sign
Bite my ears passionately
Till the chill spills out of my spine

I worshiped your body all the time
I got no words to describe it, its just divine
Lady you got all what I wanted
I praise you with the word ‘feminine’
Sex with you, its like I’m on cloud nine.

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