Sex With You

The time is right
I see you standing by balcony in moonlight,
Want to experience like it’s something miracle
Baby tonight with you I wanna get physical

Walking towards you
In the mood to lift up your skirt slowly,
'Em gonna caress you as I want to
So you better enjoy it quietly

Inside of me is popping out
Feelings I just can't suppress,
Every desire for you I want to express
I wanna lay my body on you baby,
So come on, let's hit the mattress
And enjoy the fire of sex

My six inch thing
Ready to dig you in
Sex with you, 'em just so aroused
This desire I want to carryout, throughout!
So you better watch out!
'Em gonna get deep into you in
And get this onn untill you tapout

Smooch to your lips
Bite to your tongue,
Make me feel
You're my only one

Kiss to your neck
A little lick to your chest
Grabbing your breast
While a little cuddle to your waist
Can be our best foreplay
So don’t make this night waste
Make my night complete
When we have sex

The curve of your waist
Seduces me at the best,
So many girls I held
Never felt the best,
You're just different
Just unique from rest

Gonna loose my control
I'm on you, you're on me
On bed we're just gonna roll,
With mattress in a complete mess
We gonna go one on one with no stress,
And with my every stroke
Baby say 'Yeah!!'

I'd slept with many bitches
But you the one I love , you're my princess

I may not be your first one
But wanna be your last one,
I'm now slave of your seduction
I want this & every night to be awesome

'Oh yeah!!' You moaning
Sound is so arousing,
'Em coming inside of you
Seems you also started enjoying

Don’t forget, 'em too desperate
With all this sex
It has made us sweat
You too femininely wet
C'mon! Let's make our sex tape

Smelling me in you
Smelling you in me
Reached to the last point of ecstasy
Now lay down your ass on me
Offer one nice job to me
As now its about time
Lets perform the best foreplay we designed
Aahh fuck! I call it 69!!

I know how to seduce a woman
And for this night you're my only one
Now with your legs wide open
Let me show you the path to heaven
And with all my passion
I love the look you got into your eyes of intoxication

The touch of your flesh
Provokes me to have sex,
Essence of your body raises me to a monster
And forever for your life, you have owned me as your 'Pornstar'

Here we are,
Barely breathing
Just exhausting,
But enjoying
Urge to do more
And we are not yet over

Emotions seems gonna pop outside
But my thing is still tight,
Ready to make one more another flight
Want to make you more fly high
I hope I seduced you all right,
By watching your dim eyes
And to resist your sex drive
I hope 'em gonna survive tonight.

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