We meet at the same staircase
To let our emotions unfold,
We kiss, we squeeze, we tease
And we make best of ourselves

Your look, your stare
Makes me to do anything for you
Which I never dare,
People walking down
They watching, we just never care

Every time we meet
Every moment we kiss,
We go crazy
And there's not a single moment
That we wanna miss

We just want to do more
Just wanna go more higher,
We are letting out all our desires
As if we were on fire,
Still, time seems just not enough
And killing our hearts
Making our feelings temporary off
We walk leaving, in opposite ways

You always prefer to stand some steps above
Requesting silently to pull you towards me, and kiss
You love this gesture that I drove
It makes us feel as if we are in love
And this intoxication state we go into
Its just hard for ourseleves to cope

'She is aroused with feelings'
Time said, 'don't mess with her'
She is standing two steps above
My heart whispers just pull her and kiss her

Every kiss of ours was passionate
Every touch of your's made me exaggerate
The hug squeeze you give
Gives me the chills
Donno if I'm in heaven or stairs
Everything seems unreal

The kiss to your lips
The kiss to your cheeks
The hug I give you with little squeeze
I want this moment forever to freeze

I might be on my bed
But truly, 'em still on those stairs,
Want to relieve those moments I'd with you
'Cause, without you living every second seems unfair

Sometimes I have nightmares
What if alone I gotta walk this stairs?
That's the one thing I cant ever dare
Walking every step down without you
Will give me unbearable pain, I swear!
And to walk this stairs all alone
I'm just not prepare

On my last request
Before you leave this place,
Gimme one last kiss and one last squeeze
So that I'll remember until we meet again
'Cause without you at stairs,
The pain and the memory will always remain.

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