Staircase - The End

I'm standing at the same staircase
Where we stared each other till our heart beat raised
No matter the time we rush ourselves to embrace
It was use to be ours best workplace
But you betrayed and left me alone in disgrace

I wanted to embrace you tight
And you just ran away
Saying my behavior is not right
You felt it just 'cause of some fight
You let me out of your sight

No one knows how I'm lonely
I'm walking at same subway
But no one's there to hold me
I still miss those grips
But who cares, when loneliness makes my eyes drip

What you did to me was unfair
Your love will ever fade away I wasn't aware,
To live my lovelife without you I always scared
You knew this, still to break me apart, you dared

There was something about you gal
That made me kneel before you,
Where my heart before betrayed
Still I believed in your love as true

We always want a touch that will never fade away
A heart that will never betray
Feelings which will never decay
And no matter what
Someone who will stay

I thought it was you whom I can trust
But when you saw my dark side
All those hopes began to rust
And led me to live my life life as worst

I look myself in the mirror
Reminiscing every moment
Till I get the tear,
But to love anyone again the same way
I fear!
I whisper,
Have I born for embarrassment for myself
And disappointment for others?

There was the time
When some guy was the only reason for your resentment,
That was the time when I embraced you tight
And prevented you to lead yourself to disappointment,
But how come you didn't thought when leaving
And end our relationship without any judgement

If I could be narrow minded
Our relationship won't have ever started,
To accept the way you were, I was wholehearted
But you can't accept me, I was just discarded

I loved you against my principles
'Cause I thought you were my only girl,
My love for you was just unconditional
Still how come you thought to be criminal?

It's been 6 months and 6 days
Still I feel like it's happened just yesterday,
Your 'that' one call was a total knock down
I wonder just 'cause of one fight how your love has gone

I cried..
It's hard for me to survive this pain,
When you wanted me I was right there for you
But now who's there for me?
I wanted you to stay
Now it's you who left me

There will be fights once in a while
Even though I made you cry
Baby, I hugged you tight and made you smile,
With you I had all the reasons to sing love songs
Without you now I feel myself living is wrong

You were my universe
If I'm the reason to make your decision so evil
Then it's my worst,
If I made you to walk away from me
I have myself spelled my life with curse

You might see me alive with breathing
But inside there's a death that I'm hiding
Inside its just scorching
My life with you was lightening and shining
As now you left me, to survive I'm just trying

I protected you by wrapping my arms around you in crowd
It was not just a job, but doing that made me proud
And the time when I wanted you the most, you just ran out?
It was hard for me to see you leave even when I cried out loud

I believed in you
I thought your love was true
But I didn't ever knew
With just one fight our relationship will blew
I'm hereby sentenced
To live my life in pain

Its always easy to have sex
But it takes heart to see one's imperfections and accept,
I loved you the way you were even with your flaws
Yet I was treated like disrespect

Its easy for you to say respect your decision
Your words acted as a deep incision
It has led me to follow couple of prescriptions,
I'm living my life against my will
Till I loose all my hope, I'm swallowing this pill

I never imagined
With just one fight our relationship will be poisoned,
Gave one call for goodbye and left me abandoned
As if this relationship was just like some random

Flooded with emotions
My heart is so heavy,
You chose to leave
Even when I said, I love you lot baby

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