Tonight is the night I don't wanna forget
Wanna share with you my every feeling
& Don't wanna keep any secret.
I remember the day when
1st time I saw You,
1st time I met You,
1st time I talked to You,
That's the time when something felt inside of Me for You...
Its was like the day I was waiting,
And now its dream come true...
Now I knew why God kept Me Alone
`Coz He wanted Me Your Loving Heart to be Known.
Haven't I so Lucky that you came into My Life,
Now `Em all yours
& Wanna You to be All Mine...
All your Love in My Heart I'll flourish
To Love You & Only You would be my last wish.
I can Feel You all inside of Me
Spending My Life with You is what all I wanted it to be,
My Life has no meaning When You Are Gone
But only thing left to do is to, Live Alone !!!

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