Trying To Forget You

I'm trying to forget you
Its the worlds most impossible thing for me to do

Your love has turned me around
Its your love that heals my wounds
Whenever my life seems to turn down
I just think about you round & round
And my sadness vanishes as simple as it sounds

You are my eye candy, you easily catch my eye
With your every touch I fly sky high
I cant forget you no matter how hard I try
But if I try, at the end I'll cry.. cry.. and die..!!!

My heart wont make a place for any other girl
As the place it has made for you
I know, I wasted time on her
I dint realized you when you were here
I cant help & change my past when it was tensed
I truly want you now that's what everytime my heart sense

You are my baby doll
I cant forget you easily at all
Its to your heart where my heart crawls

I'm dreaming & looking in the mirror
I wish you were in my arms here
Hug me tight so that my loneliness will disappear
I always have a fear when you wont be near
Who will wash away all my tears?
But at the end of the day I'll try to forget you
'Coz you will love me never and that's crystal clear

I'm trying to forget you
Can you help me please?
You wont be with me
And that's what my destiny is!
I'm trying to forget you
Can you help me through?

I really started to hate myself
I know you wont ever love me like I loved you
But still I end up think about you
I dint realized how the hell I got so crazy for you
But at the end I'm grateful to you
You gave me the 'Rich' feeling of 'Love'

I tried to love one girl earlier
But as I tried, I got failure
I had no other choice but to leave her
And now I'm waiting for you here
But the most painful part starts now
"You Don't Love Me!!!"
Sooner or later I've to forget you somehow
Better late than never I'm trying it now
But its not so easy to forget a person
Who gave many things to remember
And for me You are the only reason

I dint meant to be hurt
I don't want to live without you
But I know you cant be mine in this life
So I want you out of my head

I cant pretend that I don't love you
I cant pretend that I don't know you
I cant pretend that I hate you
I love you & I want you & that's true!

I hope you will find a better guy than me
But you wont get a crazy guy who'll love you like me
And I wont get a girl like you, so 'Angel'
Its hard for me to say I hate you
Even though when you know my feelings that 'I Love You'

I'm trying to forget you
But truly I don't want to...

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