Trying To Love Her

She is in my arms
& I'm trying to feel her,
But your presence is still alive in me
Your absence to me will always bother

I close my eyes to dream about her
But my heart still sees you
And silently everyday my feelings for you grow higher,
Everyday I fight with myself to forget you
But my heart says never

Every breathe I take
Every drop of water I drink
I dream about you everytime you can never think,
Dreaming about those moments that I want to spend with you
And I cry with tears without a blink

I quitely whisper your name at night
But this silent night they just hear it,
No one can help me
As my love for you, you don't feel it

So to love her I give a try
But she will never know,
Deep in my heart for you I cry
And my love for her, seems to be just lie

I'm not giving up on you as I have her
You left no other choice to me, but to be with her,
'Cause I don't want her to loose the faith in love
And turn all her dreams for me to disaster

I don't want to do the same with her
As what you did to me, left me alone!
And gave me pain that you never bothered,
I don't want her to raise the feeling of hate towards love
As its the sweetest feeling to feel all above,
I cant let this feeling just die in her
So in the end I'm trying to love her

For her, I may be the deceiver
But there were also times when I dreamt
For 'You & Me' to be together, forever!
I don't want to be a backstabber
And fade away her belief in love forever

But there is still part of my heart,
That beats for you
Dreams for you
And wants to be with you

How can someone let go
The feeling which grew strong for someone,
Next day you woke up to give up this dream
And live your lovelife without "The Only One"!

Loving other girl wont make me to forget you
Feeling her wont fade away the feelings that I had & still have for you,
Even though now you are just still present in my dreams
My love for you forever will always be true

At nights, I dream about you in loneliness
I wish you come out of that darkness,
Hug me from behind & kiss me on my shoulder
Make me believe you are only my lover,
But all this seems to be a nightmare
And to live without you, I'm still not prepare

Everyday I woke up with a feeling I try to hate you
You don't love me so I try not to think about you
I secretly check your pics but I try to avoid you
I give this useless try until I give it a cry
Feelings gets sour, I feel to die
At night I'm just alone & I feel I miss you
And finally I hear my heart whisper that baby I still love you

I can be with her
But I can't love her,
I can hug her
But I can't feel her,
I can kiss her
But feelings wont be enough to seduce her,
You were & you'll always be in my heart
And with you in it, I'm still trying to love her.

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