When I See You

Wen I See You
I Feel Love
You are the one
& only ONE GIRL
For which I Wanna Live for
...........& Die
My Heart Pleads 4 Your Love
Why cant `You Love Me` ???
If its Luv, its `You`
If its Life, its `You`
For Me, wer eva U R
That`s wer My Life is
frm dats wer My Life Starts
& that`s wer It Ends...
I Luv d way You say My Name.
It maks me feel in dis World I got all d Fame
No matter how d tym chnges,
For me You`ll be d Same.
I`ve neva got dis Feelin earlier, dat I got frm You
Its like Heaven on Earth
Weneva I See You...
My Heart strucks wid Lightnin
Cumin frm Heaven...feels gr8
My Heart stops Beatin
Clocks stop tickin
Worlds seems 2 get n halt
You are der in front of Me
But Cant Tell You d Feelins I got 4 You
Coz Derz SomeOne Else Inside You
I guess I wasnt perfect enough 4 you
I dont wanna Hear Luv Songs
I dont wanna see ny Luv Pics
Coz it makes My Feelin Stronger for You
I dont wanna Feel Happiness widout You
Let Me be in Sorrow
I dont wanna Feel Love widout You
Let Me be in Solitude
Will You slightly open door of Your Heart 4 Me...
I`ll fill all your heart by my Luv jus 2 mak You Happy
Just 2 give You all Hapiness in d World
Just 2 fill Your Heart wid Luv 4 wich You wer Watin 4 since so many years
4 wich You Cried
I wanna hold your hands soflty
Wanna kiss you gently
Wanna feel You
Wanna see in your eyes jus 2 mak you feel d Luv I`ve for You
Wanna say You d 3 most Beautiful Words
Wich wer made in Heaven
The Name of the Girl starts from "R" and Ends with "A"
I donno How 2 Say
Jus dose 3 Words
`I Love You`
`Em all yours, jus try me 1ce
Gimme all your sorrows nd take all my happiness
`em der Waitn 4 You
Hold me
Feel me
Be wid me
2 Feel d Luv inside of Me nly For You
I wish You can read my eyes
Coz my lips wont say you d Feelins
But 2 tell you something
I Loved `You` lik Anything
Love is a Rare Feelin
Dat I got only from You
........Wen I See You.

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