You & I

I can love you girl
Like no one ever will,
I'm the only one for you
That's what I'm gonna make you feel

I want to stare in your eyes
Wanna fall deep without a blink,
I'll make you feel special
You can never think

I can love you more, More like sun will ever shine
I got so much love for you, That I cant define
I can love you more, More than day & night
I can love you more, More then the sky of height

I cant think of any other girl anymore
You stay deep inside my heart to the core,
I'm gonna make you feel 'me' like you never felt me before
Its only you with whom I want my life to explore

I can assure you, you are my life's only treasure
Come to me I beg you, Don't gimme pain that I cannot measure

I want you more
More than I need air to breathe,
I have feelings for you so strong
More than fire got its heat,
I love you more, more than the depth of sea
Its only you about whom I feel and I always like to see,
Your presence makes me feel heavenly
So I propose you sincerely,
I see your pics daily & read the poems I wrote on you regularly
Its only you girl I want and I cant forget you so easily
I love you baby so much that I want you in my life crazily

The weather is cold outside and its raining
I'm in my room & I'm dreaming,
I'm holding your hand in our wedding
Wearing you with a ring,
And binding yourself to me souly
With the presence of God truly

Don't get me wrong when I say, 'I need you, I want you'
Don't get me wrong when I say, 'I like your face',
I like you more than just your appearance
But its just a way for me to explore my feelings for you through grace

I'm born & build to love you, Embrace me!
Feel it! See it! Take me with you & set me free,
My heart is locked on you, only you got its key
I just want to be with "You", I just want to be "Me"

You are my wholly solely sweetheart dolly
Came in my life gently
Remain forever in my heart gracefully
You are the one girl I want to love exceptionally
You are the girl I dream about & want you as my life partner soulfully

If I say, 'I Love You', will you say 'I Love You Too?'
If I get hurt, will you cry for me true?

I want to be your lover
I promise you, if you'll be there with me,
I'll be there with you forever
'Cause you are my life's only power

When you are with me, I feel my life living
There are some feelings always urging,
The words I speak are my feelings for you that's unique
I wont ever get a girl like you as mystique

I cant see you hugging with anyone
I cant see you walking hand in hand with anyone
I just cant see you with any other guy, I just cant imagine
It hurts me a lot & there is a monster inside me raging
Cant you feel the pain in me? 'Cause inside I'm dying
Every time its me and my heart always fighting
Its the torture for me that I'm always suffering

I cant live with this burning heart, please come to me!
I wont feel myself proud if you wont be with me
I want to spend my little piece of life with you
'Cause for you my every feelings is true

In life, there comes a rare time
When the person you love the most
Is the only person you hate the most
For me, that person happens to be you

Everytime I hate myself for loving you
'Cause I know you will never be mine
But sometimes it feels nice to imagine,
I forget all my sorrows when I'm with you
I live in different aura when I think about you
It is my heart that cheats me & beats for you

When you are not with me
My life gets narrower
Its almost over!
I love you or I hate you
I still don't know the answer.

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