You Are The Reason

You are the reason I breathe
You are the reason I'm alive
You are the reason I smile
Baby without You I cant survive

I cant force you to come in my life
But neither, I cant control my feelings my emotion for you

If I broke your dream somehow you can put the blame on me
But if you love me dont ever think to leave me
You set the fire of desire in me
Loving you was easy
But leaving you wont never be

If you wont be mine I can never forgive myself
It wont make me feel worth, I can start to hate myself

You know, I'm only your lover
You know, I cant forget you never
In my bad times, you can be my only savior
Baby I just want 'You & Me' as forever

You are my sweetie pie
I want you to choose me as your only guy
When you are with me girl there is no such thing as enough
I want to love you more than you can imagine, I just cant give up

Baby come closer to me
Place your lips closer to mine
Let me feel the essence of your skin
And make my heart to skip a beat this time

Dont let this time to go away
We are here in each other arms
Feeling of love is so strong
It is making us warm
And let this time bend
And let this thing happen
Break yourself in me
And let there be remains of only 'We'

Give me one reason not to love you
You got the sweetest heart all I ever wanted
Give me one reason not to adore you
You are the beautiful Angel all I ever wanted
Give me one reason not to feel your touch
Your one touch gives me the sparks of heaven
Give me one reason not to dream about you
If only dreamgirl I ever dreamt seems to be You

If anyone asks me what I have & what not
I'll point out to you & say this is the best what all I got
To which I tied my life's knot
This is the only one girl for which my love will never stop

Girl you got my heart
And you know what to do
I'm waiting for the day
When you will say 'I Love You!!!'

It's raining oustide and I'm dreamin
We are at the beach in each other arms & kissing
Every touch of yours makes me arising, Its seducing!
Without you my life seems to be dying, Its fading!
Place your hand on my heart & feel that, Its beating!

Caress me gently
Bless me with your love baby
Kiss me impassionately
Hold me in your arms tightly
Seduce me soulfully
Fulfill this night perfectly
Kill my lonliness softly
Break yourself in me deeply
You know I Love You honestly
And I dont want my life to end as evanescently

All this feelings are urging in my heart daily
I want this to pour it all on you heavily
As you are only my darling & you are only my lovely

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