You, Me & Her

I know I cant talk to you
So I’m writing down this letter
Gonna write down all my emotions
And tear it later
‘Cause that’s what I can do better

You never loved me
You told me to stay away from you
For that girl you broke our sweet relation
Even though my feelings for you were true

Yesterday night I saw both of you together
Walking hand in hand in rainy evening
Seems to be romantic as ever
And from long distance I just stared like stranger
Seeing you close with her was hurting me deeper-n-deeper
My heart had the pinched that now you’ve moved away farther
Your absence to me will always bother

I felt, her heart too beated like me for you
But you never felt heart of mine
I will never forgive this injustice made by time
I too loved you, more than her
She can be fortunate as you were her only lover
But why you dint felt my love for you?
I still don’t know the answer!

Is it, my love towards you was so fragile?
Is it, my hug to you was so mild?

Once when I called you
I cried till I lost my breathe
But you pretended as you were heartless
And dint felt my loves depth

How can I live alone with my heart so heavy
‘Cause I loved you like you were my baby
Even though now you are not with me
Still everyday I miss you like crazy

I never wished
The dreams which I dreamt for us
Although it was getting fulfilled
Unfortunately for you I was not that girl
Feelings which I wanted to share with you
Was being carried out with her
How more can it be painful?

I wish I would be that girl you will only hold
Give a kiss on my neck
And let all emotions unfold
But its just all in dreams!
Sometimes I curse myself
Why I kept some of my feelings untold?

This pain I cant live it
I just smile and fake it!

I still have that picture
Of us when we were together
Kept it beneath my clothes in cupboard
Glance it lovingly
Whenever my feelings for you gets stronger
Missing you has made me complete hollow
Its difficult for my this pain to swallow
But I promised you as I’ll never look back at you
So from now on, I’ll live all my life forever in your afterglow

My soul still lingers the presence of your shadow
Where ever I go, it will follow
I’m binded with you so strong
No matter how hard I try I cant let you go

I’m sleeping in your dreams
Wishing its you
I’m hugging that pillow tight
I’m missing you a lot
This is the killing feeling I cant fight

Without you my whole life will suffer
However, I wont let you to know about it ever
I don’t want you to be guilty & feel bitter
But I hope you wont do the same with her

At the end I’ll shrink my heart
All my feelings like in a box
Wont love any other guy
And wont open up until its you

On my every wall I’ve written your name
Stare it like an idiot with no shame
Even though I know the fact what you did to me was complete lame
But one day I pray to gather all strength
And will be strong enough to forget you
And ease out with all the pain.

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