Your Body is a Wonderland

Your body is a wonderland baby
I want to feel it lovingly

Let me taste your lips
Let me bite your ears cutely
I want to feel the essence of your body
I'm not binded to you just physically, but also emotionally
My love for you will be alive eternally

Make me feel I'm in heaven
Make me feel you're the only one

Everytime you come near to me
There is always new feelings urging
You are like a delicate treasure
Excites me that I cannot measure

Your presence lingers in my head
I'm waiting, crawl into my bed
I want to caress you all over
I want to fondle your body all over
You got beauty like no other
I want to be your lover
Stay with me tonight, Baby don't say its over

Have a look at yourself in mirror baby
You can be my perfect lady
I want to hug & squeeze your delicate body
I want to kiss all over your cheeks so chubby

Everytime I see your face it tickles my soul
My heart spills out the emotion that I cannot control
I want to trade my heart into yours
You're the 'Angel' from heaven so gorgeous
Let me have the honour to wrap my hands over your body
This was the time I waited for years

Drop of water flowing down your waist
Gets me chills baby, I wanna taste
Splash your wet hair over me
Touch me with your wet body, arouse me
Grab me in your arms, provoke me

Dim the light
Sleep over me tonight
Whisper my name over my ear
Kiss my neck all over again
Lick my cheeks with your wet lips
I want you girl, You got the perfect physique

Baby your one touch is hard for me to ignore
I cant get it enough, I want it more
You give the sensation that I never felt before
With your every hug, my passion for you will explore
You are my heartthrob, you live in my heart to the core
You are the 'Rich Angel' for me I want to adore

You got the shape so flawless
Stick to me babes 'em so obsessed
I'm getting the vibes that I cannot suppress
I want you to get undressed
Seduce me till I get breathless
Exhaust me, skip my heart beat to countless
I Love You Babe, I Want You, let me confess
This sensation I don't want to hinder, I want it to flow as endless
Fulfill this time with me, I want to see us progressed

I always wanted a girl for me like you, Angelic!
Every thing she does for me is unique
Her one touch fires me up, its erotic!
Her one glance at me so sweet, so pure, its sensuous!
Everytime it makes me to fall in love with her all over again
Everytime I'm in her arms, it seems dreamlike
I just wanted a girl for me, for me she is beyond words

You are my kissable priceless lovable 'Princess'
Craze to want you in my life has crossed the line
Every move you take, seduces me to death
I cant get you outta my head, you're getting too irresistible

I cant bare the distance
Your absence will make me numb
My heart comes to life when you are in existence
It is only you with whom I cant stay away from

My words may be wicked, but for you they are pure
The thirst for my lust, Baby you can only cure
'Coz you got the perfect seductive figure
My love life would be incomplete without you, and that's for sure.

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