Your Touch

Kiss me the way you love
Touch me the way you can
Grab me in your arms the way you want
Love me like never and
Engage me as I'm your miracle man

You are 'My Angel' from Venus
God has shaped you right
You got the curve I ever desired
Your presence in my mind ignites love like fire
Don't think I'm gonna fake my feelings
I'm not a liar
You got the love so 'Rich'
I'm feeling like I'm an millionaire

Lay your body on me lovingly
Caress me to your best
Let this moment raise all our urge
Seduce me to death
Intimate me smoothly and provoke
Tonight may all our limit break
Excite me/Fire me up with your lovemaking stroke
Turn me on without any mistake

Your sweat is like a sweet wine
Drop it on all over me
It got the aroma so pleasant
Let me mix with it
Your lips got the purity of life
Let me have the honor to taste it
Sit beside me turning your sweet side
And allow me to put my hands on it

Let my eyes glance on you
Coming from hot wet shower
Water droplets on your bust line
Raises my heart beat like never
Drop that towel & walk towards me naked
A flash of shy in your eye
Lightens up my soul sky high
Come to me slowly as I ever waited
Grant me to touch you
And as A King I own you
Hug me and give a sigh of relief
And make me believe, even your feelings for me is true

Kiss me on my cheek
Hold me tight
Glance me in this candle night
I want to hear you breathe in the aura of quite
In the ambience of erotic
Let our soul unite

I can be the most fortunate soul
To feel you in my arms
Reason to live life again is getting firm
And to be alive without you in rest of my life
They are none

Look into my eye
And wink me,
Sit on my laps
Lick my lips
And embrace me,
Squeeze me to your best
And lovingly cuddle me
Enfold all your feelings
And rapture me by your lust

After rising the fire of ecstasy
Don't leave me & end up as you were fantasy
When the thirst for your lust is increasing rapidly
I want you to shower all your emotions on me crazily
Progress with me like this is our last time
Give me a sign that you love me
I'm already yours, I want you to be all mine

Stay with me tonight
As if I'm in paradise
You're my priceless Princess I want to womanize
You got full right on me to make me sexualize
Let our love glow to extreme passion
Fulfill this night with utter seduction

Your touch is enough for me to get erotically exaggerate
I don't mind even if you call me desperate
You are my drug & I'm addicted to you
Let me sleep in heaven with you
'Cause I want to wake up in nirvana
And I will love you forever like no one's ever gonna

I waited for this moment so long
Now don't hurt me and leave me alone
The time has come
Tonight we will breathe as one
Your touch will raise the fire of lust in me like no one.

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